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A Spring Retreat Day at Rhythmwood

Saturday May 11, 2019.

10:00 am to 4:30pm



Exploring Fascial Release Techniques & Conscious Free-Flow Dance

Receive - Learn to feel and receive feedback from your body. Connect to sensation to develop greater self awareness and presence. This is vital to understanding the unique needs of your body, so you can live your life with more comfort and ease.  

Release - Let go of tension, release fascial restrictions and strain using a variety of techniques. When you learn where you hold stress in your body you are empowered to make positive changes to free up your body and your life. 

Restore - Gently restore health and fluidity to all the tissues of your body, in turn assisting all the body's systems to function better. Welcome wholeness and well-being back into your body so you can move through life with ease and grace.  

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Investment: $110 + HST   (home made lunch included)
What people are saying about this retreat:
The title describes the retreat day perfectly. It was a joyful day as I experienced new and interesting concepts about fascia and went home relaxed and restored! 
~ Janet Laurens
I found the workshop very informative and helpful towards both my yoga and dance practice. The lunch was incredibly tasty. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to further explore their understanding of their body.
~ Suzanne Dyke
Learning about myofascial release deepened my connection to body: how gentle and active movements are both necessary to restore health. So much fun spending a day learning with Wendy. She is a devoted Teacher and her joy of living is contagious !
~ Danielle Underwood
I attended Wendy's Receive,Release,Restore workshop and it exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high. The fascia work physically feels so good, the group dance was one of the best group dances I've participated in but my favorite part was the strong connection I felt with my fellow students.
~ Irene Grainger