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November 3rd to 5th, 2017 at Rhythmwood.

Friday 7pm to Sunday 3pm



With movement facilitators Wendy Roman & Elisha MacMillan.











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Spend a weekend connecting to the rhythms and instincts of your wild wisdom. We pause, breathe and be with our wise bodies. We turn our listening hearts to the forest, the waters, the elements and our animal spirit friends.

Through movement we drop further into our body wisdom. The noise of the outside world fades and the voice of our instincts is audible. We dance with Her. She who is in tune with her own body and the body of the earth. She who is connected to the wisdom of all women. She who carves sacred time for herself, gathering with like-minded women. Here we draw on the wisdom of all women, the Divine Feminine, to nourish the sacred waters of Life

Through dancing, drumming, creative expression, witnessing and being seen, we share this time together.


Retreat Includes:


  • A full and varied weekend of programming

  • All fresh, homemade meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner & Friday evening snack)
  • Accommodation pajama party style OR book a private room ($110 surcharge for 2 nights)

  • Time spent in nature including a Saturday evening fire and drum event led by Elisha

  • A sumptuous eco-friendly studio for movement



$480 + HST (if paid in full by Oct. 13th)

After Oct. 13th - $525 + HST 


E-mail Wendy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.

Wendy's  Bio

Elisha MacMillan is a women's coach, speaker, sociologist and dance alchemist. Her ancestors from Scotland, Ivory Coast and the Caribbean had one thing in common: drum & dance. In her business Manifest Dance (, Elisha helps women to heal and cultivate the seeds of their dreams through the medicine of rhythm & movement. Local and international retreats, live events, online courses and customized celebrations are a few of the ways women in Canada, USA, Europe, India & Australia have worked with Elisha.  


Before Manifest Dance launched, Elisha had a full-time career performing African dance with artists from across the African continent. Over the course of 6 years Elisha starred in award-winning performances touring nationally and internationally. Her experiences of studying dance in Guinea, Mali and Ethiopia are palpable in her dancing.