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 A Conscious Free Style Dance Evening

The Groove nights are finished for the spring (so many dance parties, not enough time)!  We will begin again in the fall 2017. Hope you will join us then! 

The most likely Groove night is the last Friday of the month 7:30 - 9:30 pm. Occasionally the date may shift so please check here to confirm the date of the next Groove night at Rhythmwood.   

This evening of free style dance, also known as conscious dance, is very lightly facilitated. There is an opening circle to share the evening's invitation but there is no choreography, and no steps or patterns are taught. Each person is encouraged to move freely in their own way, inspired by the music and their own inner spirit.

This practice is about coming together in community to dance and express freely without judgement or concern. We do not speak for the duration of the dance session and the reason for this is so that we can be fully present in our bodies. In this way the dance becomes a moving meditation for all involved. There are just a few guidelines which can be read here . Let go and let your body be your guide!

Cost is on a sliding scale from $8 - $15. Please come and help us grow this community dance groove!