This is what Mark Metz, of Conscious Dancer, is saying about Wendy's new program

Today you’re fortunate to meet Wendy Roman and learn about both Rhythmwood, her unique retreat center in Canada, as well as the amazing Rhythmwood Soul Journey experience she is leading this summer. Wendy and I have been working together and one of the questions we asked right at the start was how to make her annual retreat more dynamic and transformative? Wendy is a leader trained in the Soul Motion lineage, as well as being a long-time facilitator of The Nia Technique and Dance Our Way Home.

She identified a number of the usual issues that retreats sometimes face and thought about what she could do differently. People arrive without knowing one another and spend the first day or two just getting acquainted. There’s a lot of anticipation beforehand, but no prior connection. The retreat experience itself is a peak of activity, but there’s often a crash when participants return to their normal lives. There’s a lot of preliminary and background material for people to absorb, and they tend to cram it in and overwhelm themselves during the retreat itself.

So what if there was a way to spread it all out and create a much more valuable and engaging metaphysical container? What if much of the getting acquainted and grounding the background material could be done beforehand? How much more relaxed and deep would the actual in-person retreat time be if the participants had already connected and completed some self-guided study materials? Would following up afterwards with an online group meeting serve to cement the transformation and solidify the bonds of friendship created during the retreat?

So instead of simply hosting a typical 6-day retreat, the idea of expanding it into a 12-week experience came about, and the Rhythmwood Soul Journey was born. The offering is for women only, and since space is limited, there’s an application process designed to insure that every participant is a match. She’s even offering one work-trade scholarship position to one suitably motivated individual.

The unique aspect to this journey is that it starts way before you make the trip to Rhythmwood in the spectacular Bruce Peninsula of Ontario, Canada and comes to a close after you return home. Long before you meet in person, you spend time getting to know your retreat-mates in a series of online video meetings. You are well prepared by a number of valuable self-guided study activities prior to the in-person part of the journey. And after you’re done with the traveling you conclude the journey with your sisters by meeting again online for a final closing connection.

Having learned a lot about the story of Rhythmwood, I’m confident in recommending this expanded Soul Journey experience. Wendy and her husband are original back-to-the-land folks who built their retreat center by hand, right down to the logs in their cabin and the radiant heat in the floor of the dance temple. They provide home cooked meals, complete with fresh eggs from their flock of chickens, and have comfortable lodging for participants on-site.

Please do yourself a favor and visit her website to learn all about this dynamic experience, and see how a retreat can be much more than simply six days away from home. Wendy is a real gem in the world of conscious movement and you have a special opportunity to take part in this historic adventure, the Rhythmwood Soul Journey!