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Wendy is a movement facilitator with a life long love of dance. Through her dance experience she has come to realize the healing opportunities that arise through movement and the gift of consciously living life in a body. She is a Black Belt Nia teacher, a Dance Our Way Home facilitator (women's sacred dance) and a graduate of the Soul Motion Leadership program. She has been teaching movement since 2003. Wendy believes that the world needs more people in motion, moving consciously through life. Her work helps to empower the individual to find more joy and meaning in their own body and life.

Read what others are saying about Wendy and her practice

Alison Wearing
Wendy's classes are the best gift you can give yourself, the most uplifting hours of my week! They are dynamic, engaging and spectacularly enjoyable, the best damn classes of anything that you'll ever take.
Marie Knapp RN EdD.
Wendy's classes are filled with exhuberance and light energy. Everyone is accepted and as a result people learn to totally accept themselves. So it is freeing and uplifting. Wendy brings a very bright presence to the room and it is catchy. I love it. Everyone there loves it.
Lindsay Myles
Nia has given me not only a better sense of the way my body moves, but how my soul moves within the world. Wendy's classes are beautifully and skillfully orchestrated, brimming with life and energy. Anyone from age 9 to 89 can embrace the art of movement!