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About Rhythmwood

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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Rhythmwood, our hand crafted straw bale dance studio. This is a unique and beautiful space that has been created from natural, local materials. The building is coated inside and out with an earthen plaster giving the space an adobe feel. The earthen floors have been carefully prepared from a mix of clay, sand and straw. In the winter months hot water heating pipes warm the floor and give a radiant heat to the whole building. They are sealed with a natural linseed oil and when you dance on them you may find that the texture is much like leather. They have a natural, slight undulation to the surface and create a unique experience for dancing barefoot. Natural and earth friendly materials have created a one-of-a-kind space for those who come to dance here.

Rhythmwood is located about half way up the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula, just outside of Lion's Head, in Ontario, Canada. Along side our movement classes and heart based retreats, we also teach courses in natural building methods. These courses are perfect for the owner builder who wants to learn skills to build their own earth friendly spaces. You can learn more about these opportunities on the Homesteader website 

Rhythmwood is also a Bed & Breakfast. We welcome you to stay with us in our hand crafted log home on 50 acres of forested land. We are a short drive from the many beautiful beaches and hiking trails on the peninsula. Our central location makes our home a great base for those who would like to visit and explore the spectacular Saugeen Peninsula. Reservations recommended.  

The Story of Moving Back to the Land

In their mid 20's and disillusioned with the idea of living life with a mortgage and debt, Wendy & Rick decided to try something different. They sold their house, quit their city jobs, bought a 50 acre parcel of land and moved to the Saugeen Peninsula. They wanted to live a simpler life and be more self sufficient, growing their own food and developing basic living skills. Their philosophy was that if they could do the work themselves, they would have less debt and more time to follow their passions, bringing them a life of greater freedom.  

Their first project was to build a home for themselves using local materials found on their property. They selectively harvested trees to use for building materials and consciously left as little impact on the land as possible. The trees were used to create the log walls, posts, beams, board and batten, shingles, ceiling, floor and railings. Stone was gathered to build the foundation and hearth space. They developed many skills as they went along, basically learning through books, asking questions and just jumping into the experience hands first. They also learned never to underestimate the value of the first small step! 

Two and a half years later their project was complete and they moved into their hand made log home. This led them to a lifestyle of freedom and happiness, and many more building projects! From gardens to outbuildings, an addition to the house, to building the straw bale studio, the projects still continue! For many years now they have hosted young people from around the world, through an exchange program, to come and stay with them. These people learn, hands on, the skills of natural building, organic gardening, and living a life that relies respectfully on the land. Rick & Wendy continue to teach and inspire others at the Rhythmwood Learning Centre.


 About the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula

Located in the Great Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, the Saugeen Peninsula is the traditional land of the Anishnaabe Saugeen First Nations and the Chippewas of Nawash.  It is a place of incredible wild beauty that is surrounded by the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. It contains two national parks (one of them an underwater marine park), several nature reserves and a unique bird observatory. The rugged limestone cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment run up the eastern shoreline and hold a major part of the world renowned Bruce Trail. The Saugeen Peninsula is a World Biosphere with over 40 species of wild orchids and the oldest trees east of the Rockies. It is also a Dark Sky Preserve where you will see the most incredible night skies!